You are.

I’ve been coming to terms with, what it is to just exist, just you and the moment around you. Its been a real culture shock for me. Coming from a time in my life where every day was going between friends/significant others to rehearsal, work, blah blah blah, that now I’m realizing I was rarely ever by myself for the past couple years. (except for the unimaginable amount of driving I did) I took a ton of bricks to the chest when this new chapter started. NOT only did my heart, desire, passion, the person who taught me how to see the beauty in life, head west, I’ve had to adjust to having my mother as my roommate/landlord/mother. 

I’ve been dwelling on these issues as heavy chains that bind my mind from trying to grow. Its like my mind saw this time as something amazing to grow with and learn to fly, but instead I’ve let these chains hold it down. Time has seemed to stop. 

I need to be. we all  need to be. if your thoughts are always centered around wishing you were someone else, then that is what you will become. be you, and live your life the way you want it to be. you can read it a million times, but its something that comes from action.

Laugh at something.